Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I started this small business after working in the retail industry for over 15 years; establishing a genuine passion for brands, products and, more importantly, customer service.

The purpose of this website is to share content that will hopefully be of interest to a collective (pun intended) audience, covering everything from technology and automotive through to other miscellaneous businesses.

These days, we get consumed by a huge amount of marketing power; via TV, radio, press and all of the social media platforms. This results in many, “Alternative Brands” that sit in the background but have a HUGE portfolio of products that need to be tried and tested. These products can offer fantastic value at amazing prices, and sometimes half the money of those brands spending ludicrous amounts of money to bring their products to the market.

The aim of Collective Newness is to bring these “Alternative Brands” to your attention, and show you what true value looks like. This will be achieved by showcasing people with a genuine passion to make a living by providing the most amazing products and services to the everyday consumer, as well as also bringing the very best in the major brands.

I hope that you appreciate my concept, and I would love to hear from anyone looking for support with their products and services.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy the content.