512 Audio Unveils Two Professional USB Mics and Modern Audio Interface for Podcasting, Streaming & Recording

Backed by the professional pedigree of Warm Audio, 512 Audio Builds on Successful Line-up of XLR Microphones and Accessories

512 Audio, an Austin-based brand dedicated to delivering professional audio gear built for creators, is unveiling its first USB microphones – Script and Tempest – as well as an intuitive audio interface at CES 2022. 

“Our goal with 512 Audio is to help creators connect with their audiences – so, it’s very exciting to debut classic, studio-inspired mics with the convenience of USB to give them out-of-the-box professional audio,” said Tommy Edwards, VP of Product Strategy for 512 Audio and Warm Audio. “We’re also looking forward to giving creators a new way to enhance the professionalism of their setup, by introducing an interface that will be a central hub for streamlining audio production for content creation.” 

USB Microphones

  • Script (MSRP £129.99): 

Script is a compact, dual-pattern USB mic with a vintage-inspired design and simple, built-in studio controls designed for podcasting, streaming, and crystal clear online communication. Engineered with premium components, Script draws on the design and punchy sound profile of the classic Warm Audio WA-14 studio condenser microphone to capture your voice with natural clarity and fullness. Optimized for voice and speech, the dual-capsule design coupled with the tighter frequency response allows the Script to handle the average at-home recording environment by rejecting common, unwanted frequencies. With onboard gain and mute plus a dedicated headphone jack, Script makes it easy to set levels and monitor directly for effortless recording of superior sound in any setup. Available Spring 2022.

  • Tempest (MSRP £154.99):

Tempest is a true large-diaphragm studio microphone with the convenience of modern USB-C connectivity. With a 34mm gold-plated condenser capsule and 24-bit / 48kHz resolution, Tempest captures rich, detailed audio for podcasts, livestreams, acoustic instruments and vocal performances. Essential for USB plug-and-play workflows, Tempest features microphone gain, zero-latency headphone volume monitoring, and mute for full control over your sound. Tempest draws on the design and sound profile of another classic, the Warm Audio WA-47jr studio microphone, and combines premium components to deliver truly professional audio. Tempest will be available from Amazon UK in March.

Audio Interface

The 512 audio interface will be the perfect introduction to audio production with essential features, inputs, and outputs needed to record a professional podcast or stream with studio-quality audio right from your desktop. This intuitive USBaudio interface will feature two XLR mic inputs with low-noise, studio-quality preamps and a phone input with automatic mix-minus capabilities for echo-free integration of calls and background music, all with individual gain controls. Additionally, the XLR mic inputs also allow connection of a broad array of equipment beyond microphones, including receiving audio from dedicated gaming computers and consoles, audio tracks from other devices, and instruments like keyboards and guitar.  This interface adds two headphone outputs with independent volume control so you and your guests can create confidently knowing exactly how you sound. The mute button makes it easy to instantly mute the signal from the analog XLR inputs to eliminate unexpected noise or talk to your co-host off air. With stereo line output jacks, you can send audio to a dedicated streaming computer, to speakers for critical listening of your content or to a portable recording device for on-the-go production. Full details, pricing, and availability coming summer 2022.

Script, Tempest, and the audio interface will debut at CES 2022 at the 512 Audio booth in Central Hall 1, #18945. For more information visit www.512audio.com.

About 512 Audio

512 Audio is an Austin-based audio brand dedicated to delivering professional gear built for creators. Launched in 2021, 512 Audio is backed by the professional pedigree of Warm Audio, an Inc. 5000 company and makers of professional, classic-inspired microphones, preamps, guitar pedals and more. 512 Audio debuted with the launch of two premium XLR mics – Limelight & Skylight, along with essential audio accessories for podcasting, streaming, and recording. With its state-of-the-art recording facilities headquartered in Austin, TX, 512 Audio leverages Warm Audio’s industry-leading expertise to build gear that streamlines audio production for content creation and delivers professional performance in an attainable and uncomplicated way.

For more information, visit www.512audio.com